Oral Liquid Production Line YMKFY

The Oral Liquid Production Line is used for production of oral liquid bottles and other small volume bottles. It is comprised of three machines: 1) YMXP Series Vertical Washing Machine (washing); 2) YMHM Series Far Infrared Sterilizing Drying Tunnel (hot air sterilizing & drying tunnel); and 3) YMGZ Series Filling Capping Machine (filling & sealing). Each machine can function as an independent station, or be connected as a compact line. This complete automatic production line performs the following: water sprinkling, ultrasonic washing, clamping and overturning bottles by manipulator, water flushing, air blowing, preheating, drying & sterilizing, cooling, filling, caps orienting, and capping. 

Technical Parameters: 

  • Bottle range: 5-25ml
  • Capacity: 400pcs/min
  • Air supply: 0.6-0.8Mpa
  • Power: 63kw(normal working 36kw) 
  • Net weight: 6800Kg
  • Dimension: 8650×2360×1850mm(L×W×H)

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